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Sand & Shot Blasting

Large walls covered in graffiti? Maybe your agricultural machinery needing shotblasting and coating? We do not just sandblast old buildings!

Graffiti and vandalism removal

Ideal for large areas heavy with graffiti that are beyond washing down and would need many layers of cover up, low pressure fine abrasive cleaning (sandblasting) can take entire alleyways back down to their raw material in no time and we can add a protective anti-graffiti coating to make it easier to maintain in the long term.

Before Shotblasting
After Shotblasting

Chemical paint removal

As part of vandalism or just as part of refurbishing a painted building exterior, low pressure fine abrasive cleaning is the quick and incredibly efficient way to get back to pure brick ready to make up the new frontage or take on new paints and coatings.

High pressure steam cleaning

The ideal finishing touch to processes such as chemical paint or graffiti removal; high pressure steam washes and forces any last traces of dirt, grime or paints for a pristine finish.

Machinery shotblasting

Agricultural and industrial machinery takes a lot of hard wear and tear, and often accumulates heavy layers of tough to remove material; we shotblast machinery to get it spotlessly clean then finish with two pack epoxy coatings keeping it looking clean and staying rust free for longer.

No matter what your requirements for specialist sandblasting or shotblasting services, put it in the hands of the experts at TC Seamarks. Contact us today to speak to one of our experienced team and arrange a full survey and quotation.