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Sandblasting Cleaning Renovation

Buildings old with age, deluged with smog from nearby roads or suffering from moss; we specialise in low pressure fine abrasive cleaning (sandblasting) aging buildings back to a pristine state.

Blast Cleaned and coated
Shot blast & protective paint - St. Johns College, Cambridge

We employ a small and highly skilled team of scaffolders, operators and supervisors who really know about their work and meeting the challenges that can arise on any project. Our confidence in their abilities guarantees you customer satisfaction, great communication and the very highest quality and safety standards.

Our experienced team carry out a full survey and blast a small test patch to give you an idea of the improvement the sandblasting can make, and ensure the surface responds well to the process.

Low pressure fine abrasive cleaning (sandblasting) has been proven time and again as the ultimate solution for renovating brickwork and other exterior features; fired at a surface under pressure, the sand blasts away just a thin layer of brick or timber, removing decades or even centuries of dirt accumulation and moss and leaving near pristine fresh brickwork 

Whatever your low pressure fine abrasive cleaning and low pressure vapour blast cleaning (sandblasting) for renovation needs you can trust in the specialists at TC Seamarks contact us today to speak to one of our knowledgeable team and arrange a full survey and quotation.

Registered Office: The Bungalow, Wren Park, Hitchin Road, Shefford, Bedfordshire, SG17 5JD.
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